Air Festival 2012

Air Festival 2012

Also this year great success for the air festival in Farra d’Alpago on Lake Santa Croce (BL).

Among the various evolutions should be noted those of the three pioneer p300 and the incredible Cap 231 capable of rotating on itself through 360 ° in about one second. Very nice also the evolution of historical reproductions of biplanes and triplanes.

With their elegance we were then surprised by the FlySynthesis Texan -driven “Baroni Rotti” Team WEFLY that with their evolutions have shown that nothing is impossible.

Do not miss the R22 helicopter as usual piloted by the Commander Rivolta.

Absent this year, the Canadair of protezione civile taking off one of the many fires that have unfortunately hit our nation this summer.

Finally the paratroopers were launched in tantem with a huge Italian flag.


Galleria Immagini

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