Parco Natura Viva 2015

Parco Natura Viva 2015

The Park hosted rare animals. In collaboration with major European associations, Parco Natura Viva deals with the protection of species threatened with extinction. The walk through the oak trees is enlivened by the presence of numerous wildlife species, which here find their ideal habitat.

The park is a member of key organizations in the world to protect species at risk of extinction. In Italy the park plays a key role in accepting animals seized by the State Forestry Department. In addition, there are many international projects supported by the Park that are a real help to the preservation of many species, such as the return of European bison in the wild, Griffon Vulture and hermit of the ibis.

This oasis fauna spread over rolling hills covered with morainic a dense forest of oaks. Which modern protection of wildlife at risk of our planet is home to over 1500 animals belonging to 280 different species, set in large departments in the green

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