Venice Historical Regatta 2012

Venice Historical Regatta 2012

The Historical Regatta takes place primarily along the Grand Canal and is one of the most spectacular, picturesque and moving events of city life. It is an event much appreciated by many tourists, but felt especially by the Venetians, who retain considerable importance among the various annual events that take place in the city.

The event consists of two distinct phases between them and the parade, followed by the races competitive.

The parade

Recalls the great water parade organized for the triumphal welcome that was given to the Queen of Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro on his arrival in the city in 1489 after the abdication of his throne in favor of Venice.

The parade is made up of dozens of traditional Venetian rowing boats, including bissone that are used only in this kind of occasions, with rowers and people in period costume, including the Doge and Caterina Cornaro. The boat parade in a procession that starts from the Bacino di San Marco and the Grand Canal runs through until the Constitution Bridge, then go back over on its way to the point of arrival of the rowing races, the Machina, floating stage built front of Ca ‘Foscari, to the applause of Venetians and tourists, who enjoy the spectacle from the shores and private residences overlooking the route of the procession.

The Races

The competitive part of the event consists of racing following the parade and is still today the most important and prestigious rowing event of the entire season. The winners received prizes from the most important city authorities, are considered the true champions of the city and held in high esteem among all the sports of rowing.

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