Color Space

Color Space

This is the space in which colors can be reproduced within a range of colors visible area (Lab). The color spaces supported by computer peripherals and software applications are sRGB, Adobe RGB and CMYK, etc..

Those original digital cameras and scanners are larger than the visible gamut. But the devices for computers can not support these color spaces, so are converted to sRGB or AdobeRGB to be able to perform the write data.

is the sRGB color space standard supported by computers, peripherals and OS such as Windows and MacOS.

As for input devices, digital cameras and scanners write data to sRGB. In the case of those out, monitor and inkjet printers are able to view and print in sRGB. In addition, the traditional application software, including word processors and spreadsheets, manage the images with the space sRGB.

Users can easily handle digital photos thanks to the wide range of devices that use the sRGB space. Do not have to worry about then the color management.

AdobeRGB color space is wider than sRGB in the green area and is able to cover the area of color reproduction of CMYK. AdobeRGB is used for commercial printing in CMYK in DTP (Desk Top Publishing).

The input devices such as cameras and scanners in high-resolution data are written to AdobeRGB. Those out, as some monitors top of the range are able to represent this color space, but being expensive are not very common.

To use AdobeRGB is essential to know the basics of color management. AdobeRGB is primarily used for commercial printing and who want to increase the color of digital photos.

The image data may have an embedded ICC profile, such as sRGB and AdobeRGB, to know “in which color space the image has been captured.”

It is recommended to process and print the image in the same color space where there is an embedded color profile. For this reason, Adobe Photoshop has the workspace settings to allow selection of a color space like sRGB and AdobeRGB, on the “Colour Settings / Color Setting”.

Visible Range

The following graph represents the whole of the visible field that develops from the left going up then down on the right, approximately from ultraviolet to infrared, at 380 to 700 nanometers.

The curve in the graph indicates the color that a black body radiator made red hot, which is based on the entire scale of color temperatures (measured in degrees Kelvin “K”) which is a temperature scale where absolute zero corresponds to -273.15 degrees C, ie the lowest temperature is known, absolute zero. This is one of the reasons for which in photography is called color temperature.


sRGB is the color space standard supported by devices and software applications. Ideal for users who “want to easily manage their digital photos.”

Users need not worry about color management because of complex digital cameras, scanners, OS and drivers are equipped with the sRGB space, in addition, they can also choose software other than Photoshop. The color space of traditional monitor is almost always to sRGB.

The “Printer Colour Management / printer color management” in Canon inkjet models assume that all images have the sRGB color space. So when the print image is in sRGB is better to use the “Printer Colour Management / printer color management”.

Let’s look now at the ICC profile of the device of the inkjet printer used to “and ColourSync ICM / ICM and ColourSync” from utilities in ColourSync with MacOS X. The colored triangle in the diagram corresponds to the color space of the “IJ Colour Printer Profile 2005”, while the white space to sRGB. It turns out that “IJ Colour Printer Profile 2005” and sRGB color space have similar, so it is best to use a type of color management ICM and ColourSync.

On the other hand, using ICM or ColourSync AdobeRGB to print images that have a wider color space than sRGB, AdobeRGB because it does not make full use of the colors will be replaced by those of the color space for “IJ Colour Printer Profile 2005”.B



AdobeRGB has a color space greater than the sRGB especially in the area of the green, and is able to express a greater color saturation. So it is ideal to play the low water and the green leaves sprouting. Scanners and digital cameras are able to write advanced image data in AdobeRGB.

In addition, AdobeRGB is becoming the industry standard DTP does not occur because no loss of color thanks to the wider color space than CMYK when the image was taken or acquired with AdobeRGB is converted into CMYK.

When printing images in AdobeRGB with software that uses the space to sRGB, the color becomes dull. So if you need to print AdobeRGB images, use of software like Adobe Photoshop that support AdobeRGB as the working space.


Prophoto RGB

In the lower graph is represented instead ProPhoto RGB color space, a color space much wider dell’Adobe RGB 1998 which in this graph is represented by the triangular area colored in its interior. As can be seen ProPhoto RGB color space of some frequencies even protrudes from the visible range