Villa Pisani

Villa Pisani

The fine villa of the noble Pisani family lies along the Riviera del Brenta, an ideal extension of Venetian Gran Canal on the land. In its 114 rooms doges, kings and emperors were welcomed and nowadays it is a national museum which conserves eighteenth and nineteenth century works of art and furniture, as Gianbattista Tiepolo’s masterpiece, The Glory of the Pisani family, a fresco on the ceiling of the ballroom.

“Every step is a new sight and a new beauty”: thus described Villa Pisani garden an enthusiastic traveller in the nineteenth century. As in the past, the garden is enchanting with its flamboyant sights, original architecture, its famous maze, its valuable citrus fruit collection and its greenhouses with plants and flowers, “everything which gives pleasure to the sight and gratifies our taste”, as boasted Almorò Pisani.

The guided tour inside the National Museum of Villa Pisani is conducted through the 30 rooms of the main floor of the 114 existing home, where you can admire frescoes, paintings and original furniture. The eighteenth century rooms bear witness to the court at Villa Pisani.

Inside the villa is forbidden to photograph. Every year the Villa Pisani Host the fest for Carnival.

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